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My name is Lee, and I’m a husband, a father, a business owner and a follower of Jesus.


When I think of faith, I think of action.  Every time I have witnessed a convergence of love and grace, I see the everyday life of Jesus on display. His life was an amazing example of loving action. He went viral before anyone knew or could understand the past, present, and future impact of his life.


What better gift can one person bring to another than a hope?  Hope is optimistic, confident, and contagious. Revealing a hopeful message requires ordinary, everyday people to meet others at uncomfortable, but God-refining places with grace and extraordinary acts of kindness. 


There was a time in my life,  that is hard to talk about, when I ended up divorced, my dad suddenly passed, and I lost a brother, a house, and my children for three years.  To add to the trouble, I ended up in jail 3 times for something that never happened!  I came to see how divorce strips you to a very raw and vulnerable place....and it is very real.  


I have a very special place in my heart for the over 60 crowd, because they were the people who walked with me down that dirty, dark road.  They showed me the true and sustaining grace of Jesus, that lifted me up and was essential to recovery/restoration and ref-fining in my life.


You know, we can get comfortable with our faith and the grace of Christ that we’ve been given.  We can get careless or even lazy with it. Personally, I have friends who don't truly know Jesus, it's time to roll up the sleeves, get on board and launch a spirit of God’s redeeming grace and hope in our community. 


I know that God is in the business of recovering, restoring, redeeming, and refining people by the grace of Jesus.  I want to be a part of sharing that with others.


My name is Lee, and I am Grace Harbor.

Canterbury House Projects

Sept. 13, 2013

We Are The Church of God

We Are Grace Harbor

Sept. 21, 2014

Free Car Wash - Sept. 28, 2014

Big Give - Oct. 4, 2014



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