Beans & Rice Week

Maybe you've heard of all the hoopla we're calling Beans & Rice Week. We’ll be saving our cash by eating beans and rice, then investing that money in three great efforts outside of Grace Harbor. If you’d like to get inspired from a few sweet recipes, learn more here. If you have dietary restrictions, or maybe a pre-planned birthday dinner, then by all means do what makes sense for you.

Where the Money Goes

All the cash goes to outside organizations busy changing the world. 

ServLife - Educating and Feeding Children
Servlife believes in helping rescue and rebuild the lives of children who have experienced abuse, neglect and injustice. Through their homes for children and schools, these

children live in a community

environment where they are

offered education, clothing,

food and love. ServLife

currently operates five

children’s homes throughout

Nepal and Northern India.


ChoG Trafficklight - Ending Human Trafficking
Human trafficking is the single fastest growing criminal activity in the world, and it affects all of our communities, in North America and around the globe. Trafficklight is the

united effort of the Church of

God (Anderson) to fighting to

end the sex slavery of  more

than 30 million men, women,

and children.  Trafficklight is

parterning with The Shelter,

Cuttack, India; Pink Door,

Berlin, Germany; One Heart, Dayton, Ohio; Church on the Street, Atlanta, GA; and Stripped Love, Anderson, IN.


K'zoo Gospel Mission -Empowering the Homeless 

The Gospel Mission offers needed shelter, food, clothing, and more, to families and individuals facing hardships in our city. Workers share the love of Christ with individuals working to overcome addictions and poor work histories by offering recovery services and educational opportunities to break the cycles of addiction and homelessness.

I'm eating

cheaply to change the world!

How It Works:

Include beans and rice on your week's shopping list. 

Tip: canned beans are easier to prepare since dry beans require soaking them for 24 hours... but be warned: the gas factor is higher from canned beans. 


Eat beans and rice for as many meals as you can for a week, and save the cash you’d normally spend on food. On our giving Sunday, you can give your cash and every penny will go outside of Grace Harbor.


Your To-Do List

  1. Eat beans & rice for as many meals as you can for a week, and save the cash you’d normally spend on food. If a typical lunch looks like a $7.00 Italian sub from Jimmy Johns, and one meal’s worth of beans & rice ends up costing you 50 cents, then you give the $6.50 difference for that meal. Repeat and continue throughout the week. This math is so simple, even a pastor can do it.

  2. Check our social media sites daily during Beans & Rice Week for inspiration and family tips.

  3. Give as you go OR save your cash throughout the week.

At the conclusion, we’ll pool our cash together during worship, and we’ll announce the total amount raised at our celebration lunch (pitch-in) after worship. Eating on the cheap is so much more fun when all your friends are doing it, too—and this is more than just a Grace Harbor thing. Share your beans and rice experience and see the impact that a small community can have in a few short days:

  • View, share recipes and give encouragement on our Facebook wall (

  • Share your experience on Twitter by including #seektheharbor

  • Upload a mobile video of your Beans & Rice Week experience, or email us at  to and we'll post it for you.

  •  Spread the word!  Invite a friend to join us for Beans & Rice Week.








Beans & Rice Week 

I'm Eating Cheaply to change the world!

How to Eat Cheaply:

In these short video demonstrations, find 5 ways to keep it cheap (and simple) and make some great meals for beans andrice week.


How to cook straight up beans and rice...

Add and egg ...

add a vegetable ...



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